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Playhouse Theatre Academy is proud to provide custom programming available for:

One of our most popular offerings!

Through creative play, storytelling and character building, students will explore emotional literacy, and work as a team to create their own adaptation of a beloved book. We can accommodate any book/story that may be being read or taught.

This class is geared more towards the process of creating an original piece, utilizing the fundamentals of acting, improv, playwriting, and devised theatre. Students will rehearse, and perform an original play that they created , that will culminate in a performance at the conclusion of the session!  Students will be challenged and grow their skills in this advanced option, where they make the play their own! This will inspire students to stretch their imagination, work as a team, and create a piece of theatre that is their very own!

This class introduces new students to the exciting world of theatre and performance! Over the eight-week session, students will learn the key elements of an Actor’s Toolbox: Voice, Body, Imagination, Concentration and Cooperation through fun and creative games and exercises!

In this class, students will learn to sing and dance selected Broadway showstoppers! They will also explore character choices, vocal techniques and how to work together as an ensemble!

This lively class will use improvisational exercises to teach students the importance of listening, saying YES, being present and using those skills to create characters and build worlds. Improvisational acting is based in comedy and we encourage silliness and fun! Improv has many benefits including bringing a sense of calm in dealing with the unknown, feelings of confidence and decreased sense of anxiety! 

This class is for teens who are interested in improving their acting and performance techniques. Over this eight-week session, students will learn the importance of beats, patience, stage presence, diction and speech and character development through assigned monologues and scenes.

Interested in one of these programs or have something in mind? Contact Jill Zarcone, Director of Education, jzarcone@playhousetheatregroup.org, and she will be happy to speak with you!