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Add Theatre to your Home Curriculum

If you are a part of a homeschool community and would like to bring the arts into your daily curriculum, check out our offerings! We are happy to offer hour-long workshops at the theatre during the day. Our workshops include:

Grades K - 2
Meets one time for one hour.

Cost: $100 per workshop.

Description: Students will participate in activities that teach both the basics of acting and reinforce ideas of narrative structure. Students will first participate in basic acting activities that allow them to feel more comfortable expressing themselves and working as a group. Next we would create puppets out of basic craft materials. The workshop would conclude with students having a chance to perform with their puppets. As a class they would create a problem and a solution for each puppet show. The students are prompted to think of problems and solutions they may encounter in their every day lives. In addition, students would be encouraged to create a unique voice for their character.

This workshop can also be altered to use puppetry to dramatize all or sections of a story that students read in class. Playhouse on Park staff can meet with the parent in advance to plan the lesson and confirm that the selected story will work with the workshop format.

Common Core State Standards:
English Language Arts Standards, Speaking and Listening Standards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Arts Standards:
Theatre Content Standard 1: Creating, Theatre Content Standard 2: Acting, Theatre Content Standard 4: Directing, Theatre Content Standard 5: Researching and Interpreting, Theatre Content Standard 7: Analysis, Criticism, and Meaning.

To schedule any of these programs or discuss a custom program for your students, please email us at